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    Dirt Time - What's Next?

    Hi All,

    James here.  I am currently en route to just outside of Sacramento, where I'm meeting up with John for yet another Dirt Time shoot.  I thought I would write a quick note about our current (shooting) project.

    This time, we are implementing a whole bunch of fun and innovative techniques at a Off Highway Vehicles (OHV) park.

    For those of you not in the know, an OHV park is basically a haven of hills, valleys and relatively ruleless-ness for Dirt Bikes, 4 Wheelers and the like.  It's like a big awesome playground for the coolest of toys.  However, A LOT of damage can be done to the land as a result. And erosion and sediment control quickly becomes a priority when you have creeks and streams running through the park.

    That's where John and this project comes in.

    In what everyone is hoping becomes a test-site for the other 8 state OHV parks, John and the Park crew are looking to demonstrate a variety erosion and streambank techniques that will be adopted state wide.

    I was there filming 2 weeks ago at the beginning of the project, and so far we've covered:


    • Large Scale Sediment Basins (with Baffles and Skimmers)
    • Articulated Concrete Block Low Water Crossing
    • Scour Stop
    • Green Armor System
    • Cross Vanes


    It's a really neat project and we'll undoubtably be posting more information as things progress.  But FYI:  That's what we're up to right now.


    (Oh, we also have 3 episodes in the editing hopper! Expect footage soon)


    Here are some pics:


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