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    Welcome to the New!


    Hey Everyone!

    Welcome to our new site.  This revamp is meant to give Dirt Time (and other erosion matters) a more streamlined, responsive home.

    Now that we are in the new digs, you can count on a lot more posts, more video, more links...more WatchYourDirt goodness in general, really.

    Any questions - feel free to contact us using the form in the sidebar.



    Dirt Time in the News!

    Last year, when we filmed our Energy Dissipator episode, a news crew was on hand.  Anchor Mike Mangus and his crew were there to do a piece on the Shasta College Erosion Control Training Facility (ECTF).

    The ECTF is a fantastic resource for anyone involved in Erosion & Sediment control education within California.  It is basically a big erosion playground with hills, water, BMP material, trucks and toys.

    If you need a great place to do field training within California, you should give them a call.


    Dirt Time in the News - Shasta College from BlinkWorks -James Swirsky on Vimeo.


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